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Winning The Battles of Life series …Part Two (2)

The Knowledge Gap
Knowledge is the first key to winning (Hosea 4:6 God’s). People were destroyed, not because they didn’t have God but because they lacked knowledge. (Ephesians 1:17).
Therefore, if you want to win, you must know your enemy and its weapons.
You must know yourself and your weapon.
Lies has been the eternal weapon of the devil, the real enemy; not that neighbour or the woman in your village. Also, the weapon of the believer is the Word of God and knowledge of how to use it.
The major difference between Adam and Jesus, at the point where they were tempted was KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION of the Word of God.
If you allow God show you the secret of your problem (knowledge), you will never run helter skelter for help.
Having knowledge of the root of your battles lies the solution.
IGNORANCE IS A SIN! If you don’t know what has been given to you; how can you enjoy it? KNOWLEDGE IS KEY!
Between knowledge and application, is a gap. It is not enough to know; use it.
Ultimately, you should ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I know myself?
  • Do I have the right knowledge to fight the battles of my life?
  • Who is the source of my power?
  • Am I equipped to fight this battle?
Finally, remember John16:33(Amp), 1Cor 15:57, God gives us Victory always. It is not a one-off experience. 2Cor2:14. We triumph ALWAYS! #winningthebattlesoflife
Other verses to meditate on:
2Cor. 10vs4-5
Romans 22:2
Have a winning week!

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