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Winning The Battles of Life series …Part Three (3)

Winning The Battles of Life series Part III

The Winning Mindset

Hi Facebook family. Hope you like our new page. It’s all meant to bring the gospel of Jesus closer to you. Now you can watch livestream of our church services right here on Facebook or better still,  just head over to our spanking new website,, where there are a lot more for you.

By now, you would have gotten snippets of the teaching from our service earlier today but here it is, all in one piece for your pleasure and edification. Enjoy!

*Your confession about your life is important, as your life will move in the direction of your confession. So watch what you say.

*What you say, will come to pass. The world was created with words, thus your words has the power to create or recreate your world. 2Cor10:3-6.

* However, the foundation of the words you speak is your mindset, what you believe. In some cases, your mindset can be a stronghold.  In truth, every ideology that is contrary to Word of God is a stronghold.

*So, what is  your mindset? (Rom 8:5 NIV). Do you have your mind set on  natural desires or the will of God? The battle ground for the choices  you make in life is your mind. What exactly constitute your mindset?

*Every decision starts with a thought. Thus, you should allow the voice of the spirit dominate the voice of the flesh in your  thoughts.

*Renew your mind! Change your thinking pattern! Feed your mind with positivity; the Word of God.

*Remember, renewing the mind is a continuous exercise. Corrupt thoughts will come to mind, but the choice is yours to dwell on it or not.

The 4Ds Action Plan to Winning:

(a.) DESIRE a winning mentality.
(b.) Make a DECISION to change. Luke15: 12-18
(c.) DEFEND your mind. Proverbs 4:23
(d.) DISCONNECT from negative  associations. Psalms 3

Have a winning week ahead!💞💞


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