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Winning The Battles of Life series …Part Three (3) series two

Winning the Battles of Life series Part III
The Winning Mindset (Pt II)

It was a double dose of anointing in the house this morning, as we were graced with the presence of Pastor Lekan Adegunwa and his wife, Pastor Stella Adegunwa, from  House Of Mercy  Church, UK, who offered new insights into how the battles of life are first won in the mind, before it gets to the physical realm.

With our resident pastor, Pastor Ayodele Abisagbo on hand to continue his teaching in the series, it was a blessed Sunday indeed for all who came.  As is our usual practice,  we bring you the summary of the message for today, as we want you to partake of the overflow. Be blessed as you read.

– You win the battles of life first, in your mind.
– Your heart is so important to your life. Thus you need to guard your heart with all diligence.
– Every time you want to take a major step in life, your mind will resist, because your mind is vulnerable to fear. However, you can fight it! Prov 23:7
–  Remember that thing you are afraid of, is most likely afraid of you.
–  If you don’t think big with your mind, you are limiting yourself NOT God.
– If your mind cannot take you there, it’s impossible for your physical body to take you there.
– After you have searched for knowledge, meditate and apply it. When your attitude reflects your mindset; you have already won!
– Stop thinking with a negative mentality. Don’t think you will lose. Have confidence that you will win and YOU WILL WIN!
– To someone with a winning mentality, failure is not an option.
– Detoxify your mind of every negative thoughts . Don’t let issues rob you of your sleep. God is always awake, so, you don’t have to be.
– Winners don’t settle for less. They don’t have a “just manage it” mentality.
– Change your thinking pattern. If it doesn’t look like what God has shown you, don’t settle!
– Never Quit! Perseverance is vital for winning.
– Today’s success is tomorrow’s mediocrity. Keep developing yourself for tomorrow’s victory. Keep shinning!
–  Lastly, always remember, that you did not fail, the event failed. Try again and again till you win.


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